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We offer mobile Paintless Dent Removal in the Kansas City area. We also service areas near Kansas City, Missouri and surrounding areas through our mobile services. Our shop location is shown below:

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At Baja Image PDR, we know how much you value your vehicle. Rest assured, every PDR Technician that touches your car is certified and understands how to correctly manipulate and remove every dent they encounter. We take great pride in knowing that we always improve the image and condition of any vehicle we’re entrusted with repairing.

And with our growing list of 5 star Google reviews – you will never need to worry about your vehicle. You’re absolutely in good hands.  We guarantee you’ll be thrilled with our work.


The PDR Process

Many people consider Paintless Dent Repair/Removal (PDR) as a “new fad”, but it has been practiced and refined since the early 1960s. This means that millions of cars have received this treatment with great results and you can rest assured that the methods we employ are the best in the industry. Check it out, click below.

Got Questions about PDR?

We have listed many of the most common questions about PDR and the answers for each.

Have you checked out Baja Image PDR’s growing list of 5 star Google reviews ?
You will never need to worry about the work done on your vehicle.
You’re absolutely in good hands.  We guarantee you’ll be thrilled with our work.

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    We’re the Top Choice of Paintless Dent Removal Service serving most of Kansas City and surrounding areas.

    When it comes to dent repair, most companies simply paint over damaged areas. While this technique helps to hide dents from the untrained eye, it fails to address the compromised structural integrity of the vehicle’s exterior body.

    We provide only high quality Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) to all makes and models of vehicles, removing those unsightly and annoying dents. We have successfully repaired vehicles around Kansas City Missouri for over 15 years. PDR is a way of removing dents from automobiles without disturbing the original paint finish. Our certified technicians use this repair method from minor dents and dings to major hail damage. This process allows for preservation of the original paint finish and decreased repair time, costs an insurance claims. Paintless dent removal is a popular choice for most car owners who want to fix dents without having the need of having a new paint job.

    From its cost effective benefits to increased convenience, there’s no question as to why paintless dent removal has become quite a common practice. At Baja Image PDR, we understand that you want your vehicle to look great, and so do we. We pride ourselves with the fact that all of our clients leave happy having assisted by our highly skilled and certified technicians.

    If you have any questions regarding this form of repair, our PDR experts is always ready to assist in any paintless dent removal needs on your vehicle, give us a call at (816) 783-7098 to book an appointment.

    Our commitment to high quality dent removal is the cornerstone of our existence. With each repair we strive to demonstrate why we are the best choice for restoring your vehicle to factory condition without the need for paint or body work.  We specialize in all sizes and types of damage and always offer a rock solid 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are not thrilled with the results of our efforts you do not pay!

    Whether you have door dings, medium to large damage or hail has struck in our area, call us for a fast estimate and timely repair.  You and your car will be happy you did.

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    What Is PDR?

    Dent Removal Explained:

    PDR is short for Paintless Dent Removal.

    Pdr is the process of removing dents and dings without affecting the vehicle’s factory paint finish. No grinding, no Bondo and no painting. The dents are worked or massaged from both the back and the front of the panel through the use of many specialized tools. The original factory paint on your vehicle is not disturbed.  These special tools are used to carefully push out the dents from the underside of the body panel.

    Dents several inches in diameter can be successfully repaired providing the paint has not been damaged or the metal stretched. Since no toxic chemicals or materials are used the dent removal process, PDR is 100% environmentally friendly!

    The Process:

    Paintless dent removal is an art. It is performed by massaging the metal back into its original form with specific tools and using highly skilled techniques. This is done by accessing the back of the damaged area. These factors make it extremely important that the technician is experienced or well versed, as once a “repair” has been done poorly, it is very difficult to turn back the clock. At this time it’s usually necessary to Bondo and paint the vehicle in a Body-shop.  Sometimes panels need to be removed to gain access to the area behind the dent. These factors play a role in the cost of a repair, obviously, the more that needs to be removed and re-installed, the more it will cost to complete a repair.

    When you consider your options in the case of any damage to your vehicle  choose Baja Image PDR! We are committed to your absolute satisfaction. We understand how to get the best results with PDR, and how it will preserve the resale value of your car.

    Why chose PDR?

    ✓ Keep your original factory paint finish
    ✓ protect the resale value of your car, no diminished value
    ✓ convenience, all repairs performed at your location
    ✓ cost effective when compared to a body shop repair
    ✓ environmentally friendly repair method

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